Monday, August 6, 2012

Texas Lolitas Unite For Tea!

The Austin lolitas hosted a large-scale meetup and invite everyone in the state to a tea party here in Austin! I was so pleased that I was able to go and we had a really fun time. I met so many new people, drank lots of delicious tea, and wandered around in frills!

As always, all photos in this post are courtesy of Tyler. Check out his Flickr stream for more photos of the meet and the rest of his photography.

DSC_0436 copy
Three different kinds of tea -- all delicious!
In the morning, we met up at a place called the Tea Embassy for morning tea, scones, desserts, and fun games! I definitely want to come back when I  have the chance. Each of the three teas we had were really, really good. The venue itself was really accommodating to us, as well!

We played a game called Naked Bacon, which is basically a modified version of Taboo. We all chose silly team names, and I'm pleased to announce that Team Alpaca-lypse, AKA me and Olivia, won first place, despite getting zero points in the charades round (not my biggest strength, I'll be honest).

Naked Bacon 6
The word was "test tube" -- that's my serious science face. 
After filling up on tea and scones, we headed out to the capitol to explore the architecture and take some photos. The air conditioning was welcome after the short-but-hot walk from the parking garage! And, of course, we took a ton of photos. Here are some of my favorites!

Lolitas on Stairs

Texas Lolitas Representing!
Texas lolitas representing outside the House of Representatives.


I planned on wearing a different dress, but the zipper got stuck then broke when I put it on! It should be an easy fix, but I didn't have time to stitch it up the morning of the meetup. I wound up wearing this dress instead. I was kind of sad that I couldn't wear a new dress, but this one is cute too, so I didn't mind. I was originally going to wear a plain blue and white dress, so the rest of my outfit still matched and I didn't have to change anything else but the dress itself. This dress is by Bodyline, and I think people are calling the print "Birthday Squirrels" or "Happy Birthday Squirels" or something similar -- it's squirrels having a birthday party!

Blouse, Dress, and Socks: Bodyline | Necklace and Headband: Forever 21 | Shoes: Antaina

Overall, I had a really good time! This is probably my last meetup with the Austin lolitas for a long time, since I am moving back to school next week, so I'm glad it was such a spectacular one. Thank you, Austin lolitas, for hosting it, and thank you to all the lolitas from all across Texas who came to visit! 
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