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Nice to meet you! I'm Mia Moore and I live in Austin, Texas. You’ve stumbled upon my personal blog, where I write about my daily outfits, geeky adventures, and everything in between!

I try to dress up every day because it has a big impact on my attitude. A lot of my hobbies have to do with dressing up! Wearing a cute outfit is a form of self-expression for me, and it’s a way to brighten my day. I chronicle my outfits here to see what looks good or what needs improvement, and to challenge myself to mix it up a little bit.

By day, I’m an MBA student studying Digital Media Management. Basically, this means I'm earning a degree in Twitter. Just kidding. It's a business education combined with studies in new and emerging media. I love earning an education in a program I am passionate about. 

In my spare time, I make costumeshoop dance, go to lolita meetups, and partake in geeky events.

Questions? Comments? Want to team up? Please contact me! 
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about collage

About xo Mia

xo Mia began in 2012 as a personal style blog, but quickly evolved to a platform where I share all things important to me. To start off 2014, the blog changed from www.MiaMoore.net to xoMia.com to reflect this shift in content.

xo Mia is my love letter to anything I am passionate about - from cosplay and convention culture to style and fictional character-inspired fashion. Style, Cosplay & Living the Geek Life just about sums it up! For more information about the name change, check out this post here.

xo Mia
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