Are you interested in sponsoring my blog? I'd be happy to have you on board! I use the revenue from ad sales to bring better content to my site. Since I'm in graduate school, I don't have a lot of extra funds, but selling ad space allows me to bring better content to my readers and connect brands with my readers.

I've worked with brands and businesses in the past, including Fresh Brewed Tee, and would love to help you reach a new audience.

For further questions, feel free to email me here or tweet at me. Thanks!


"Mia is an absolute delight to work with. Our blogs have an overlapping audience, and by swapping with her I've been able to reach sponsors and new readers alike. Swapping ads with Mia has increased Rhinestone Religion's visibility and helped to spread its content to a broader audience and has sparked a great, supportive friendship." - Lexi from Rhinestone Religion

"Less than 24 hours advertising with @xoMiaMoore and my page views have already doubled. :)" -Erini ‏from Adorkable Me

Traffic and Statistics
(last update: January 2015)

  • Averages about 10,000+ pageviews monthly with a recent high of 19,000.
  • 320 + subscribers through Feedburner, email updates, and Bloglovin'. 
  • 155 + followers through Google Friend Connect.
  • Total social reach: 5360+ 
    • Selected networks: 1750+ Twitter followers, 1000+ Facebook fans, 1030+ Pinterest followers, 1150+ Instagram followers, and 590+ Tumblr followers.
    • Klout score of 61+.
  • That means your ad (and giveaway/sponsored post) has the potential to be viewed by thousands of eyeballs per month.
  • My audience is primarily in English-speaking countries, including the US, UK, and Australia. Readers tend to be female with an interest in fashion and beauty and geeky interests, like cosplay, comic books, anime, and geek culture conventions.

Blog Features

If you are interested in advertising without purchasing a spot, or you want to advertise further, there are some other options as well! Please email me here in order to discuss details.

  • Giveaways. Giveaways are a great way to promote your small business or other products! A giveaway will have its own post and run for one week. I will promote the giveaway on all my social media channels as well. For examples of previous giveaways, check my giveaway tag here.
  • Reviews. Another great way to showcase your product! A review will have its own post and will contain my honest opinion. I will only accept products that I feel fit in with my blog. I will only post positive reviews, so if I have a negative opinion, I will not post the review. For examples of previous product reviews, check my review tag here.
  • Outfit posts. Clothing, jewelry, and other accessories can be styled into an outfit post by me. The post will link to your site and product and contain a paragraph about the product. Like product reviews and giveaways, I will only accept items that fit into the aesthetic of the blog. Here is an example post with Fresh Brewed Tee.

Purchase a Spot

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