Monday, November 25, 2013

Daily Outfit: Great Lengths

Great Lengths 

Grad school has been, admittedly, a lot tougher than I was expecting. I worked really hard to get into the program in the first place, so it feels strange complaining, but at the same time, that doesn't make it any easier! It's just a lot more work than I expected, but it's work I enjoy, so that helps a lot.

It's strange how much free time I had in high school and I didn't even use it! What did I do with my time? In undergrad, I piled on the hobbies and extra-curriculars. It's been tough to cut back to focus on school. I don't have time to work on costumes or hoop or take circus classes, not to mention money! When I do get time, I usually spend it blogging or vegging out. My brain is just fried.

I believe that in general, we can adapt to our commitments. I'm still waiting to adjust to handle my current workload a little better.

Great Lengths

Outfit Details:
Blouse: H&M | Cardigan: Target | Necklace: The Limited (Similar)
Skirt: ModCloth (secondhand) | Belt: From another skirt (Similar) | Shoes: ModCloth
(Remember to use this link for $15 off your first ModCloth purchase!)

I was really, really looking forward to this Thanksgiving break, even though it isn't much of a break with the work I have due. At the same time, though, it'll be nice to spend time with my family and relax a little bit. I'm really yearning for winter break, which is our last long break until... um, next winter. Eek.

Great Lengths

But you know what? I love my program, I love my cohort, and it's nice to only worry about school for the time being. It's fun to be able to wear whatever I want to classes again. I get to use my own grad school hashtag! And it's so awesome to get more and more involved in the digital media community here in Austin. I'm really lucky to have the opportunity to continue my education, especially in a program I love so much. And I'm even grateful that it's rigorous - that means I'm really getting my money's worth!

How have you been lately?

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