Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 in Review

The past year has really been a whirlwind for me, but in the best way possible. Like most students, my life transitions with the semesters. First, working too hard and graduating (with honors!) in the spring, full-time interning and traveling in the summer, and then the challenge of grad school in the fall. It's really been a blur!

With so many life changes this year, my blog has evolved SO much. I'm so thankful for all of you who stick around to read what I have to say. I wanted to sum up my best posts of the year as a way of looking back on who I was this year and welcoming the new year.

So let's review what happened this year - in high school superlatives, of course.

Favorite Outfits of Each Season

2013 - favorite outfits
I decided to pick one per season because narrowing it down to my absolute favorite seems impossible! There are so many other outfits I am proud of or happy about for one reason or another, but here are some of my favorites.

Most Popular Post of 2013

Ramona Flowers Collages

The post with the hits published this year was my Style Icon: Ramona Flowers post. Especially popular for Halloween costumes, but just popular in general since so many want that effortlessly cool and mysterious style, I can see why you all loved this post!

Most Popular DIY Post

COSPLAY 101: How to de-tangle a cosplay wig
After salvaging a ratty wig of mine, I wanted to share the method I used. My post about detangling a wig is now one of my most popular posts! I hope lots of people found it helpful.

Favorite Costume of the Year

SDCC 2013

I didn't debut a lot of new costumes this year, but by far, my favorite was Ramona Flowers - Video Game version! I loved making my first prop and have reworn this costume many times already.

Best Beauty Discovery of the Year

Starry-Eyed Surprise

I had the opportunity to try a lot of new-to-me products this year, especially as I transitioned to using vegan, cruelty-free makeup and beauty products. By far, my favorite discovery was e.l.f. - their products are so inexpensive and pretty decent quality! After my first order, I have made three large orders from them so far and have discovered a lot of favorites.

Most Overlooked Post

Eliminating Blog Envy

When I went to the Texas Style Conference, I was blown away by how welcoming the community was. I wrote a post called Eliminating Blog Envy afterwards, discussing the realities of the blogosphere offline. It didn't get as warm of a reception as I hoped, but it marks a point where I began sharing more personal thoughts through this blog.

Most Likely to be Repinned

Oh Deer!

Aside from the most popular DIY post above, my DIY Flower Crown post was successful on Pinterest as well!

Have a happy new year! What was your favorite memory of 2013?

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