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Sponsor Spotlight: May 2014

I genuinely love spotlighting my sponsors' sites with you all because I'm lucky enough to call my sponsors my friends! This month, I wrote up a paragraph about why I love their work and why you will too. I also asked everyone about how they get things done and about mythical creatures (only the important questions!).

My sponsors allow me to spend more time on blogging and creating great stuff for you guys - thanks so much for supporting my work!

Sponsor Spotlight: May 2014

Ellani Designs

Free shipping in the US!

Ellani Designs features kawaii geekery, from poster prints to stickers to cell phone charms. I love the variety of items Ellani Designs has - I have this Pokemon Champion tote, and get compliments on it every time I go to the gym. I'll definitely have to pick up some of these cute Pokepuff cell phone wiper charms soon!

What's your favorite tip for getting things done? Lately I've been using Habit RPG and it has been helping a lot for the gamer girl in me.
What are your summer goals? Draw at least once every week, Convention Planning, Cosplay Planning, you know the usual.
What's your favorite mythical creature? Unicorns & Pegasi :3

Sponsor Spotlight: May 2014

Bookworms in Dresses

On Bookworms in Dresses, Jess talks all about her adventures, including books for breakfast, Friday favorites, and travel. I love Jess's stunning photography, design, and illustration work (this post about how she gets ready is too adorable!). 

What's your favorite tip for getting things done?To-do lists! I always make to-do lists on anything I can. My phone, pieces of paper, notebooks, whatever! 
What are your summer goals? To find a full time job and get further into blogging. 
What's your favorite mythical creature? That's a hard one...but probably a griffin.

Sponsor Spotlight: May 2014


Gamerwife is a blog that explores video game culture and being a female in the gaming realm. Gamerwife has regular features, like Dames Who Make Games and Take My Money Tuesdays, which highlight awesome but sometimes overlooked players in the game industry. Mariko's post on HabitRPG got me to start playing myself (so far, i love it)!

What's your favorite tip for getting things done? My favourite tip for getting things done is to make lists. I am addicted to lists. I have lists for everything you can think of. Colour coded, natch.
What are your summer goals? My summer goals are to finish my first cosplay, declutter my apartment and finally to to La Ronde (local Six Flags park).
What's your favorite mythical creature? My favourite mythical creature would have to be a dragon. Fire, flying, claws... what's not to love?

April Sponsor Spotlight


Use XOMIA for 15% off in the Geekphoria shop until 6/30!

Amanda is a grad student geek, just like me! She writes about comics, conventions, cosplay, and a whole range of geekiness at Geekphoria. Her cosplay tips, like what to do with your cosplay after the con and networking with cosplayers, are incredibly helpful for cosplayers old and new alike. Aside from blogging, Amanda also runs the Female Geek Blogger Con-At-Home hangouts, streams video games on Twitch, and creates new items for her Redbubble shop.

What's your favorite tip for getting things done? I'm HORRIBLE about getting things done. I procrastinate way too much, and I'm too distracted by all the wonders of the internet. My tip is to try not to be too much like me :)
What are your summer goals? My summer goals are to finish at least three video games, and two more cosplays :). Also, I need to write two papers for school.
What's your favorite mythical creature? There are a ton of awesome mythical creatures, but I think my favorite is the classic: dragons :)

Sponsor Spotlight: May 2014
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Harper's blog covers a huge range of topics - lifestyle, career, geekery, and fun - but they all mesh together flawlessly because of Harper's brilliant writing! Her essays, like To The Men who are "Not All Men" and The Problem with Lamilly, are always well-constructed and wonderful reads.

What's your favorite tip for getting things done? Find ways to care about what you do. Photographing product for 3 hours and editing the photos for another three might not be fun, but remember why you're doing it and it will be easier.
What are your summer goals? I hope to do really well at my internship, help my friend raise enough money to volunteer for IMAlive through a giveaway I'm collaborating with some people on, and see a ton of Broadway shows!
What's your favorite mythical creature? Tie between mermaids an unicorns!

Thanks again to my fabulous sponsors! If you're interested in supporting xo Mia in June, click here for rates and more information!

What's your favorite tip for getting things done?

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