Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November Activities

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Organize a photoshoot. Before the weather turns unbearably cold, grab some fun props and a cool outfit, and organize a fall photoshoot! Enlist your friends as models and find a photographer-friend, or bring your tripod and have a lavish, personal photoshoot.

Start a new Thanksgiving tradition. Bake your own from-scratch pie this year, run a Turkey Trot 5K the morning of, or get your family involved in a gratitude exercise before Thanksgiving dinner.

Do creative cross-training. If you're a writer, why not try painting or knitting? Musicians, give photography a shot (see what I did there?). There are so many different ways to express yourself! Working in a medium that is outside of your usual realm can help you see your work in a totally different light, and I highly recommend it.

Participate in #Nerdvember. Nerdvember is an outfit challenge run by Set to Stunning to wear your nerdy clothing and accessories all month long! Snap a pic, post it on Instagram with the correct hashtags, and you can be entered to win awesome prizes! I'm participating, so be sure to follow to see updates.

What's your must-do for November?

And if you're looking for more, why not check out last year's November activities guide?

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