Monday, December 22, 2014

#Nerdvember Day 16-30 Recap

#Nerdvember is over! (Okay, so it's almost 2015, but December is a tough month!) Throughout November, I attempted to wear my geek pride on a daily basis. If you missed the first half of this recap, here you go!

Overall, I had a blast with this challenge. I decided to try for all 30 days, but looking back, I wish I'd focused on creating more impressive outfits instead of a lot of outfits. At the same time, this is probably more indicative of what I tend to wear during a normal, busy month (though with more graphic t-shirts!), so maybe it works out just fine.

Day 16 - Mucha-style Rarity - This tee is one of my favorite nerdy pieces of clothing. It's ridiculously soft and super cute!
(T-shirt: We Love Fine)

Day 17 - The Cat's Pajamas - November was cold and I spent a lot of time studying or writing. I really only have a handful of sweaters, so the cat sweater made a second appearance!
(Sweater: ModCloth | Hat: Plato's Closet (Similar) )

Day 18 - Sugarless Gum - I wore my Princess Bubblegum t-shirt to a hot yoga class. This shirt is a replica of a shirt PB wears in the show!
(T-shirt: We Love Fine)

Day 19 - Ishea Online - Ishea is a webcomic/story created by my friend Joss. Check it out if you like medieval fiction or webcomics!

Day 20 - The Mockingjay Lives! - I wore an old favorite outfit with my Hunger Games bracelet/ring for a Hunger Games pub quiz and the midnight premiere! We won 3rd place, meaning we didn't win a thing, but it was still incredibly fun.
(Cardigan: ModCloth | Necklace: The Limited | Shorts: Urban Outfitters (Similar) | Boots: Madden Girl | Mockingjay Bracelet: c/o Born Pretty)

Day 21 - Batgirl Rising - Something simple and comfortable to go see Amy Schumer live!
(Batgirl Varsity Jacket: Forever 21 | Pants: ModCloth | Shoes: Steve Madden)

Day 22 - The Hero of Time - This hoodie has been my companion on cold, lazy days for a few years, but I only found out the true story when I posted this photo on Instagram. It was given to me by a friend, who had it appear in his house and he had no clue who it belonged to. When I posted this photo, the original owner -- Scully -- commented to fill in the rest of the story!

Day 23 - Vest Buds - This vest and this dress are some of my favorite clothing pieces I have.
(Vest: Forever 21 (Similar) | Dress: ModCloth | Shoes: Steve Madden)

Day 24 - Gotta Catch 'Em All - I've had this shirt since high school! I remember thinking it was one of the only cute, nerdy t-shirts for ladies. How times have changed!
(T-Shirt: Hot Topic)

Day 25 - The Art of the Dress - I'll admit, this one was a stretch for Nerdvember. I bought this necklace because it reminds me of cosplay!
(Shawl: ModCloth | T-shirt: Express | Necklace: ModCloth | Rings: Ruche, Altar'd State)

Day 26 - Kawaii Adventure Time - Yep, another magical girl-themed shirt. This time, it was a gift, so unfortunately I'm not sure where it was purchased.

Day 27 - Fanatic - I'm totally nerdy about animals. 
(T-shirt: Gift | Pants: ModCloth | Necklace: Vegan Cuts | Rings: Forever 21 | Cat Purse: Secondhand)

Day 28 - Little Red Riding Hood - Inspired by the classic fairy tale for a cozy Thanksgiving day.
(T-shirt: Urban Outfitters (Similar) | Shawl: ModCloth | Skirt: H&M)

Day 29 - Jazzercise - I joined my mom at an exercise class, so that means another cute tank top from Look Human!
(Tank top: Look Human | Sports bra: Victoria's Secret)

Day 30 - The Fairest of Them All - For my final outfit, I did a Snow White-inspired outfit! That's what this dress always reminds me of anyway, so why not go with it?
(Bow: Forever 21 | Dress: ModCloth | Cardigan: ModCloth)

Are you going to participate in Nerdvember next year?

P.S. - I'm starting to clean through my closet and I'm selling clothes I no longer wear on Poshmark. Follow my closet to keep up with my listings!

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