Friday, July 6, 2012

Daily Outfit: Casual Friday

Just a quick outfit for running errands, interning from home, and doing a DIY project. I cleaned up the layout of the blog a little bit -- notice anything new? I set up a Storenvy to sell some clothing that either doesn't fit me or my style, so please take a look if you are interested in shopping my closet!

I wanted to wear my new button-down casually, even though I bought to wear to my office during the school year. I hate the idea of having "work" clothes and "fun" clothes with no crossover! Some of my more conservative clothing is "work-only," but I try to incorporate it into the rest of my wardrobe as much as possible.

IMG_2978 IMG_3013 

Button-down shirt: Kimshi Blue, Thrifted
Cami: American Eagle (back in the day!)
Jeans: Express (BOGO sale)
Shoes: Target


This is the first time wearing my glasses on the blog -- hello! I took a close up so you can see the lavender and lacey detail.

Fun fact -- until I made these earlier this week, these jeans were my only pair of pants! I don't really like wearing jeans as much as other clothing. They aren't as comfortable as flattering to my body type as skirts, dresses, and shorts. I still own a pair because I need them for certain situations -- think Casual Friday at work, sorority events, and volunteer events -- but for a while, I didn't have any pants at all.

What about you -- do you prefer jeans or not?

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