Monday, July 30, 2012

Daily Outfit: Come on Babe, Why Don't We Paint the Town?

Fancy Night
Fancy Night
I wore this out for a night out with a large group of my friends, scattered across the state. We went out to a nice sushi place, where I got sushi, the most delicious hot pot I have ever had, and mochi ice cream, one of my favorite desserts ever. It was so nice to see everyone and since we aren't always able to meet up with each other often, that made it even more special. That's really one of the main reasons I go to anime conventions -- it's an excuse to see my friends that are split between other cities and states and just have a fun weekend together.

I knew I wanted a dress from ModCloth, but there are so many options that I had a hard time picking. I decided to pick these shoes that I have been lusting after, since I thought I'd be able to incorporate them into my wardrobe regularly, and work from there. I eventually chose this dress and went with a 1920's theme, adding the headband and pearl jewelry. I felt very Daisy from The Great Gatsby all night. 

My bracelet is actually handmade by one of my friends and was given to me when she came in town. It's chainmail! She made her entire dress out of chainmail, too. What a hobby, right?

Makeup closeup

I never really wear much makeup or style my hair in ways that take a long time, but this was an exception. My hair was curled with a curling iron (difficult with such short hair, but I love the way it turned out)! My makeup was done with this Too Faced Cosmetics, Romantic Eye Palette, which is really one of the few eyeshadows I own. It has served me well! 

If you're curious, I used Soulmates across my entire eye area up to my browbone, Ever After on my eyelid, and Honeymoon from the edge of my eye to the center. I also did winged eyeliner, which takes me just about an eternity but looks really nice in the end. 

details collage

Jewelry, Headband, Bag: Forever 21| Bracelet: Gift | Dress and Shoes: ModCloth

P.S. -- If you have never purchased from ModCloth before, what are you waiting for? Use this link for $10 off your first purchase and I also get a $10 credit -- sounds like a win-win situation to me! 
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