Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Recent Purchases

Since I was out of town for so long, several packages I had been waiting for came in! I love getting things in the mail, it always feels like my birthday. Lately, I’ve been working on selling or swapping clothing that I don’t like or fit into anymore, so I’ve got more mail coming! So exciting! 

Pastel Shoes
Antaina tea party shoes in pink and sax, Sweet Spectator heels by B.A.I.T. from ModCloth.

Hoop Merch
Super cute hooping stuff from HoopPretty -- they are closing down shop!
New Dresses
Left: Bodyline, Right: ModCloth

All in all, I got:
  • Tea parties in sax and pink – Antaina, ordered from TaoBao months ago
  • Mint wingtip shoes and pleated dress -- ModCloth
  • Hooping mermaid tank top and hooping cat stickers – HoopPretty (they are closing down shop, so check it out!) 
  • Blue lolita dress – from a trade, originally Bodyline

Not too shabby for a single day! ;)

As you might recall, my resolution for this year was to buy most of my clothing secondhand, except for intimate or specialty items (like lolita items or the ModCloth order... shh, I'll tell you more later!).

Although most of these items were new, not secondhand, I was still able to save a ton! ModCloth has a promotion right now where if you refer a friend who is new to the site, your friend gets $10 off and you get $10 in store credit. Talk about a win-win. Follow this link if you are interested! I got a little bit knocked off my order with that deal. HoopPretty is having a 50% off sale on all of their stuff because they are discontinuing everything, too!

I'm going to do a post on how to swap, sell, and trade your clothing online soon, since I've really been interested in it lately. Stay tuned!

What have you bought recently?

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