Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What I Did: Make it Sweet Cake Ball Decorating Class

I have loved cake balls since they were first put on a stick by Bakerella four years ago. I've always been a baker, probably because of my massive sweet tooth, and I even took the Wilton cake decorating classes while I was in high school. Cake balls are one of my favorite desserts. If you've ever had one, you know why -- they are just so decadent! I also happen to love anything that is miniature size. Smaller means cuter, right?

When a Groupon popped up for a place in Austin called Make It Sweet, I knew I had to scoop it up for me and Colby. Looking at their website, they had so many different classes to take! Me and Colby were both drawn to the cake ball decorating one, since we have made them but didn't really know how to decorate them.

Cake Ball Decorating at Make It Sweet
My two favorites -- a cupcake and a cow!

I wasn't really sure what to expect, but I was excited. Make It Sweet is a local hobby supply store for bakers. It is like a paradise in there. All kinds of custom goodies, from a huge sprinkle assortment to pans in every shape in size to an entire cookie cutter wall, make it a fun place to browse. Attached to the store is the classroom area, which is spacious and full of Kitchenaid mixers, large work tables, and a demo station with a camera set-up so you can watch at any angle. The entire place is so colorful and happy. I felt right at home there!

Hello Kitty and heart cakeballs
Hello Kitty and a heart!

Our instructor, Jennifer, was sweet and really informative. She taught us how to make 6 different types of cake balls -- a painted sprinkle design, Hello Kitty, cow, cupcakes, hearts, and a bear -- and the class progressed at a nice pace from easier to more and more difficult. The class included handouts to take home with full directions and recipes. There was enough cake, chocolate, and other supplies for each participant to make two of every kind of cake ball, so we were sent home with 12 cake balls each! Yum! I think the neatest part about taking a class to learn all this is that I didn't have to prepare anything. I'm used to making a huge mess when I make cake balls just because there is so many supplies involved, but it was really nice to just sit back and decorate and not have to worry about set up or clean up.

Sprinkles at Make It Sweet

Overall, I had a really fun time, learned some great techniques and tips, and came home with delicious treats. If you are interested in baking or decorating and are in the Austin area, I highly recommend giving Make It Sweet a try. Keep an eye out for Groupons, too! I think I will definitely be coming back in the future.

Have you ever made cake balls?

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