Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Daily Outfit: Cliche City


Here it is -- all the cliches of girliness in a single outfit. For the longest time, this was my favorite dress. I wore it to Senior Dress-Up day in high school, and it quickly started my love affair with blue, floral dresses.  I have owned at least 6 of these dresses at some point. My obsession is something my mom always pokes fun at when I go shopping. "What'd you get? Another blue flowery dress?" I know they look like wallpaper you'd find in a crazy cat lady's house, but that's the charm. 

I think my favorite part about this dress in particular is the detailing at the chest. It reminds me of a fancy little ruffled cravat.


Headband: Forever 21 (it was $1.50, score!)
Cardigan: Gifted
Dress: Dillard's
Shoes: DSW

I take the GRE tomorrow -- I'm so nervous, wish me luck! Hopefully I won't have to take it over again.
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