Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Announcing: Hardstyle Princess, a Lolita Zine by the ATX Lolitas and Friends!

The ATX lolitas and other friends all across the state have come together to create a zine! If you're not familiar, a zine is a handmade labor of love. They can be about anything under the sun, and usually involve a lot of cutting, pasting, photocopying, and punk rock spirit.

Spearheaded by Cat of Pirate Kitty Crafts, this zine was really a group effort and has articles, quizzes, artwork, comics, and more, all contributed by lolitas in the local community. I contributed a little article myself! It was really fun to be a part of this and to watch it all come together, and the end result looks great!

There are even... little stickers on the inside of some of the zine contributors! How cute is that?

If you are coming to San Japan, these zines will be available at any of the lolita events for $1.00. That's it! (And if you're coming, please say hi! I love making new friends :)

If you aren't in Texas, never fear -- these should be up on Pirate Kitty Crafts after the convention. 

Have you ever made or read a zine? What was it about?

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