Monday, August 20, 2012

Daily Outfit: Miss Mix-a-Lot


I got this skirt at the H&M in San Francisco, and I was really excited because we don't have H&Ms where I'm from! I swooped up this skirt and a few other things and felt giddy because it seemed so exclusive. Of course, after that, an H&M opened in a local mall, but I still haven't been there.  

This outfit is a little unusual for me because it mixes three different neutrals -- white, grey, and brown -- and it includes some pattern mixing as well. I really think it works, though, and it doesn't feel risky like those techniques sometimes do. I tend to be a somewhat vanilla dresser, so mixing elements that are usually only used in one place in an outfit can make me a little unsure -- you know what I mean? With this, however, I felt super cute all day.

I'm still finding a place to take photos near my new apartment! There are a few nice areas near my apartment  I'd like to try out, but I need to buy my own tripod first (I had been borrowing Colby's during the summer). I actually got these shots by balancing my camera on top of an unassembled coffee table. Stay tuned!


Outfit Details
Headband: ModCloth (free gift) | Shirt: Target | Belt: Unknown | Skirt: H&M | Shoes: DSW

What do you consider "style risks"?

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