Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What I Did: Schlitterbahn Trip!

Schlitterbahn logo

Before the summer ended, Colby and I decided we wanted to make a trip out to Schlitterbahn. For the uninitiated, Schlitterbahn is a massive water park located in New Braunfels, Texas -- about an hour outside of Austin. I had never been before, despite living in Texas my entire life! Colby convinced me that I had been missing out. I'm not a super huge fan of water rides because I'm afraid of heights, but I do love me some lazy rivers.

So, my last Thursday in town, we suited up, put on sunscreen, and headed out the door! This was only the second or third time wearing my ModCloth swimsuit, which was the most expensive swimsuit I have ever purchased but most definitely was worth it. It is super flattering, stays in place, and is well-made. It's top-rated on the website for a reason!

ModCloth Beach Blanket Bingo Swimsuit

We spent the entire day there and had lots of fun! Going during the week meant that we didn't have to wait long to ride anything. Despite my fear of heights, there were plenty of options for me and I was only nervous before the Black Knight (soooo high up!). My favorite ride all day was the Dragon's Revenge, pictured below. Water coasters are so fun, especially when they remind you of D&D.

Dragon's Revenge at Schlitterbahn

For lunch, they don't really have any vegetarian (or healthy, non-fried) options, so plan ahead and pack a picnic if you want something else. If I had known, I definitely would have hit up the Subway across the street.

We wound up both really, really badly sunburned all over our bodies, despite no sign of sunburn while we were at the parks, so be sure to reapply throughout the day! We both had blistered burns, and it was no fun. We really should have been more careful, though.

It was a really fun experience for me and I'd like to start going annually! If you are in Texas, or the Austin area, in the summer time, definitely take a day to go out to Schlitterbahn!

Have you ever been to Schlitterbahn?

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