Monday, October 22, 2012

Beauty: 5 Tips for Growing Your Hair Out

Back in the day! Possibly one of my favorite hairstyles to date.
I'm one of those girls who goes back and forth between long and short hair. I wait through the long, difficult, patience-trying process of growing out a short cut because I want mermaid hair, but then get sick of dealing with it and chop it all off again... and the cycle repeats. So believe me, I know growing out a short haircut can be painful!

When I first got it cut and the pink bleached out.
Most recently, I changed my hair from long with pink on the ends to a pixie cut to look more professional for work. After having that cut for about a year, I'm back on the growth train! Mermaid hair forever!

Since I have so much experience with pleading with my hair to make it grow, here are some tips for you to make your hair grow faster.

Grow, Baby, Grow! 

Take prenatal vitamins or biotin. 

These promote hair and nail growth and strength. I love these gummy pre-natal vitamins that I got on sale at Target, and now I'm taking biotin. My hair and nails have never looked better and it's a simple change to make.

Massage your scalp. 

I always massage my scalp when I use coconut oil to treat my hair and when I shampoo. In addition to promoting hair growth, self-massage can be stress relieving. Treat yourself!

And it grows....

Trim your hair frequently.

Every 6-8 weeks should do! I'm lucky enough to have a mom that will trim my hair when I see her, but try going to a beauty school so that these trims don't break the bank.

Wash your hair less frequently. 

Leaving your hair alone makes your hair stronger and healthier because you are pulling at it less, and it reduces overproduction of scalp oils. I usually wash my hair every other day or every three days. In between, I use baking powder (works best with light hair) or dry shampoo. I love the Batiste dry shampoos because they come in a few different scents. I have the kind with a blonde tint, which also means I don't have to color my hair as often!

Try different hair styles. 

Pinning your hair in different ways, trying new types of braids, tying your hair back, adding fun hair accessories, and so on can prevent you from getting bored or frustrated and cutting it all off again. Pinterest has some great hair ideas, even if your hair is super short.

Miss Mix-a-Lot
And it grows...


  1. For dark hair girls, instead of baking powder, I brush powder foundation in a darker shade, into my hair (it's good too, so I don't waste older or broken powders).
    Also a friend told lavender oil helps stimulate hair growth, I don't know if this is true, but I love the smell of lavender, so I'm willing to try. He said you could just rub a few drops into the roots, or use hair products with lavender in them!
    I love these though! As I just chopped all the dead hair off & am eager for my hair to grow back to its original mermaidy state! Hooray! <3

  2. It's so weird you did this, as I was thinking last night while looking through some old pictures that I should do a hair story on my blog. :P I keep going between wanting my hair blonde, staying black or going bright cherry red. I also have gone between super long (waist length) until I was 16. Since than it's been mid-back length, shoulder length, chin length and a super duper short undercut!


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