Friday, November 9, 2012

Cosplay: Rhyme from The World Ends With You

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In my cosplay series, I examine each costume I make, how I created it, what I would do differently, and so on! For more cosplay posts, just look in the cosplay tag here.

No Reason Without Rhyme

Rhyme from The World Ends With You
Wayyyy back when I was first starting high school, I was enamored by a game called The World Ends With You (or TWEWY). The storyline, combat, and music were all so great, and I just fell head over heels for Rhyme. She is super sweet, positive, and adorable! TWEWY is an older game now, but since Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance was just released, there's been some renewed interest in TWEWY.

Rhyme from The World Ends With You

This costume was intended to be a partner costume with a friend, who would be her big brother, Beat. Hopefully my Beat will have his costume by the next convention so we can take some awesome photos! 



  • Sculpey -- pin and necklace
  • Fabric paint -- sweater

No Reason Without Rhyme

I like...

This costume was ridiculously comfortable. I worked really hard on the pin and the necklace -- I handmade them out of Sculpey, which is a new area for me. The lovely Peony used her art skills to fabric paint the skull-heart on the sweater. Almost everything was purchased from Goodwill and then modified.

I don't like...

My hair! I really wanted a wig, but I couldn't get one in time since it was a last-minute costume. (But really, aren't they always last-minute?) I also want to get better at cosplay makeup. I am still learning how to change makeup up depending on the character.

No Reason Without Rhyme

Next time, I'll...

I couldn't get a wig in time, since it was a last-minute costume, so I'll definitely have one when I wear it again! I also didn't get to complete her shoes. I want to make them big and ridiculous. If possible, I'd love to add more props to the costume, too.

(I'd also put my skull pin on the correct side of my hat. Whoops.)


This costume was lots of fun, super comfortable, and turned out really good for a last-minute costume. I hope to keep improving it in the future! 
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