Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Daily Outfit: Dirty Chai

Dirty Chai

I named this post after a coffee drink I've never actually had -- a dirty chai! It's just a chai latte with an espresso shot, but for some reason I am afraid to try it. I love soy chai lattes and coffee, but combining the two seems daunting. Regardless, this gifted outfit reminded me of that color combo.

My mom surprised me by waking me up one day on Thanksgiving break to tell me that she had something for me. She had gone to Target and picked out a little outfit for me -- this cardigan and skirt. My mom knows me so well. We had just been talking about how I wanted a cardigan or blazer or something in this color, and she said the skirt made her think of me. I'm definitely grateful to have her, she is so considerate!

Dirty Chai

I wore this to hang out with my family and meet a dear high school friend to drink coffee (or, oops, another soy chai latte for me), explore Barnes and Noble, and buy candles. I got a delicious smelling candle that goes from pumpkin and nutmeg to apple and vanilla and then cinnamon and walnut. Yum! Actually, now that I think about it, I think  my love of cinnamon is why I love spicy chai flavored things so much.

Dirty Chai

What is your standard hot beverage?

I definitely can't get enough of chai, but I love almost any kind of tea or gingerbread lattes, too!


  1. Super cute...target has some cute items!

  2. I love a dirty chai... but not everywhere makes a good one. That is the problem.

    I love this outfit!


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