Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Daily Outfit: Thin Mint

Thin Mint

I wore this ModCloth dress that I got on Black Friday (post coming soon!) to go to the first day of the Dallas Digital Summit (another post coming soon! Eek!). I wanted to wear something that was indicative of my personality, but was still conservative enough for business -- well, an internet convention, anyway! I thought the blazer balanced out this super feminine dress nicely. I look forward to finding different ways to combine this dress, for work and otherwise. It's flattering, comfortable, and most of all, exactly my style, so I can see myself wearing it often.

Thin Mint

It was interesting going to the Dallas Digital Summit because I'm am 90% sure I am the youngest one who went! Most people I have met so far are there for their company or they own their own company --  I didn't see any other students besides myself and Ana

So the combination of the general crowd being at a different phase of life, along with me graduating a year early (and already being a year younger than my "true" grade)... it's no wonder I'm usually the youngest person in the room! Usually, I'm okay with that, but when we are discussing big concepts and money and business, it feels a little intimidating. Do I really belong here? Am I ready for this? Will others take me seriously?

But I felt comfortable by the end of the day, after tweeting with other summit-goers, conversing with people who had been speakers, and writing copious notes. Social media and content creation is my passion! I love learning more about it and meeting others who love it just as much. Moreover, so many people replied to my tweet wondering if I was the youngest there with words of encouragement -- being young means I get an early start. How sweet, right?

Thin Mint

Blazer: Target | Dress: ModCloth | Shoes: Secondhand

Has age ever been a factor in your career?

P.S. -- By the time you are reading this, I'll be back at the Dallas Digital Summit! Follow me on Twitter or follow the hashtag #DDSum12 to learn more about social media and other digital strategy!
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