Friday, February 22, 2013

Food: Gourdough's Public House

I don't usually do restaurant reviews, but I feel like I have lately been to many interesting eateries lately and I want to share! Yes and Yes' 9 Days of Nice series got me thinking about contributing more to the businesses I really believe in, so why not start with the much-loved topic of food?

So, first up: Gourdough's Public House! This bar/restaurant is in Austin and is definitely worth a visit if you are in the area.

Colby and I, already fans of the trailer version of Gourdough's, decided to stop by the new restaurant location for a quick lunch before our Mount Bonnell date. First, the atmosphere is great. I can see it being a cozy, lively bar in the evenings, but during daytime hours, it is equally as comfortable. From what I could tell, they have some drink specials and events on a near-day basis. It's a casual interior -- kind of rustic, and you seat yourself.

The Ron Burgundy.

We were already prepared for ridiculous portions and excess -- each menu item is prepared with at least one doughnut, typically savory, not sweet. So, sandwiches have doughnuts for buns, biscuits are actually doughnut holes... and even the mozzarella sticks are made with doughnut dough. Absolutely extravagant!

I opted for the Ron Burgundy (minus bacon, sub veggie patty) and it was excellent. Topped with cheese, an egg, and sandwiched between two doughnuts. Ridiculous? Yes. Delicious? More than you could imagine.

The Dirty South.

My boyfriend ordered the Dirty South, which is a chicken fried steak on top of a doughnut-biscuit and gravy, with a topping of cranberry-habenero jelly. He said it was great and the jelly was surprisingly good.

Overall, we both really liked our experience at Gourdough's. If you are looking for a unique meal with little regard for health, Gourdough's is definitely worth a visit!

What's the most absurd food you've ever eaten?

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