Saturday, February 9, 2013

What I Did: Emilie Autumn F.L.A.G. Tour

About a year ago, when I was still performing with Amber Does Dallas, the creators of Repo! The Genetic Opera announced a new project called The Devil's Carnival. We didn't know much about it yet, but we did know that Emilie Autumn, a performer with a cult following, was set as one of the actors. To promote the film, I went with a couple other girls from cast.

Since Emilie is a fan of Victorian-era fashion, I borrowed a friend's corset and wore one of my favorite lolita skirts and called it a day. You can't tell from the photo, but it was freezing outside! I was surprised that most everyone was wearing black at the concert since Emilie herself is a fan of cream, pink, white, red..

Blast from the past with Rebekah! I feel like I've aged a lot since then.
This year, we went back to her show to promote the new episode of TDC. It's so funny, last year nobody had heard of The Devil's Carnival, and this year most of the people at the concert did! It was radical to see what a change a year made.

I went with my dear circus friend Scully, and we brought our LED hoops to play with before the show started. Emilie's aesthetic is like a Victorian spectacle, so last year, there was fire hooping, aerial arts, stilt walking, and fan dancing... very circus!

Hell hasn't got a prayer!

I went a lot more casual this year since last year I felt almost overdressed (plus I knew I would be hooping). I also came straight from work so no wigs or petticoats! Scully put her 'hawk up for the occasion.

The show was equally fun both times and I am grateful to Scully for giving me her extra ticket. If Emilie is coming through your town, I would recommend going if you are into corsets, circus arts, or even just looking for an alternative way to have a good time.
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