Friday, March 29, 2013

Life According to Instagram

While I get back into the blogging swing, I thought I'd do a quick little Instagram post since I've still been active there!

Life lately has been...

Midterm essay writing and soy vanilla spice latte sipping #starbucks #coffee #midterms #studentlife    This is starting to look familiar #starbucks #midterms
Midterm exams
I'm in my last semester of my undergraduate degree, and midterms hit hard! Taking 18 hours wasn't so difficult until all my exams and essays were in a single week. I spent a lot of time at Starbucks that week.

Trying on my costume for fit and my kitty wanted to take selfies too #cosplay #me #tdcSupplies for #cosplay party! #tdc #hail
Sewing a whole costume in 5 days
Immediately after midterms, I set out to sew my Tamara costume during spring break! It's not abnormal for me to be under a tight costume deadline, but I was really close to not finishing in time. I think the costume turned out great! (More on that later!)

Being #Tamara at #devilscarnival and #repoopera double feature!! #hail #testify #cosplayThat's how a carnival grows my son... spreading the word for the #repothegeneticopera and #thedevilscarnival show in Dallas! What have you guys done to share the tour? #RepoOpera #TDC #indie #roadtour #terrancezdunich #rockopera #horrormovie #horrormusica
Repo! The Genetic Opera and The Devil's Carnival
The reason I made the costume in the first place was for the double feature with Repo and The Devil's Carnival! I wanted to have the costume ready for the show, which was on St. Patrick's Day -- even more reason to wear lots of green.

Cartoon colors. #cosplay #cosplaycloset #costumes   First day of #spring! Time to break out the #mint. Love these shoes from @modcloth by @baitfootwear. 
Spring colors!
I've organized all my closets, including setting aside some room for all my costumes! The weather was also warm enough for bare legs a few days (yay!).

  Isn't it supposed to be spring now? #brr #gloves #fashion #bows 
... And back to winter chills
I got excited a little too quickly at the idea of spring, because just like that, we are back into freezing temperatures. Boo! Although it's starting to warm up again... maybe it'll actually be spring soon.

Toothless #me
Oral surgery
I got my last baby tooth taken out. It was scary since it was my first surgery (that I was old enough to remember, anyway), but it wasn't too bad. It's a little strange to finally say goodbye to my last baby tooth.
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