Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Cosplay 101: Detangling a Cosplay Wig

COSPLAY 101: De-tangling a Cosplay Wig

Today I'm going to share a technique I used on my poor, neglected wig to get all the knots and tangles out. This wig was my very first one, from Arda, and sadly, I didn't know anything about wig care at the time. After wearing it, I didn't put it nicely back in the bag or comb through it to eliminate tangles, and after a while, it was just a knotty mess! I'd finger comb it before I wore it, but realized that it was far too tangled to wear anymore.

COSPLAY 101: How to de-tangle a cosplay wig
I'm almost embarrassed to show the before photos, my wig was in awful shape!
I found this post floating around Tumblr, so I decided to use the same method to detangle my wig -- at this point, it was either get a new wig or try something to salvage it. I was pleased with the results and it was really simple to do!

COSPLAY 101: De-tangling a Cosplay Wig
Using a tub that matches your fabric softener is optional.

First, take a capful of fabric softener and mix it with enough water to mostly fill the tub. Flip your wig inside out and swish it gently in the water. Next, let it sit in the tub for a while -- I left mine for about a week. Let it dry on a towel. Once it's dry, comb through with a wig brush or wire brush. If you have a lot of patience, you can also finger-comb through the whole thing, but my wig was too far gone for that.

COSPLAY 101: How to de-tangle a cosplay wig
Ta-da! A like-new smooth, shiny wig!

There was a little bit of shedding during the last step, but overall, my wig looks completely revived! The only issue is that the style in the wig fell out a little bit, but that's easy to fix. I'm so happy this worked for my wig, hope this helped you too!

Do you have any wig care or cosplay questions?

I'd love to do more short cosplay tutorial posts, so ask away!

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