Monday, June 17, 2013

A-Kon 24

I had the pleasure of attending Texas' biggest anime convention, A-Kon, earlier this month! Now that I'm finally settled in Austin and all of that, I wanted to tell you about the convention!

A-Kon 24
More #AKon24Prep! This time it's my #TF2 Engineer #cosplay. Lots more accessories than Ramona. #cosplaylife#AKon24 prep! Making check lists for each costume. This is for #RamonaFlowers - wig and star, boots, dress, jacket, bag, petticoat, and shoelaces! Not pictured is my matching hoop. So ready! #cosplay #cosplayprep

Texas, like most states from what I understand, tends to group anime cons and comic cons into the summer months. A-Kon, San Japan, and A-Fest are three of the state's largest cons, and all take place from June to August or early September. My last con was Ikkicon in December, so A-Kon came at just the right time.

A-Kon 24 Con Report

I arrived on Friday and to be frank, things were a mess! Between driving an hour and a half in traffic in a car with no A/C and the fire alarm being pulled while I was getting into my costume, the beginning part of my con experience was not so great. I also heard some rough stuff about lines and overcrowding smaller areas of the convention center.

As soon as all of that settled down, though, I got down to the con to attend an IHOGeek panel and search around the con. From there on my weekend started to improve! I ended up really enjoying the new venue -- it was a lot bigger, but at the same time, seemed more intimate. I hope next year they improve the locations of some things, like the Artist Alley and Dealer's Room, so that high-traffic areas aren't directly next to each other.

A-Kon 24

Saturday mainly consisted of photoshoots and wandering around the con. I ran into a lot of my friends on Saturday, including Anna AKA Glitzy Geek Girl, who was dressed as warrior Fiona from Shrek. Anna is covered in tattoos and piercings, and you can't even see them at all when she's in this costume! That's quality cosplay at its finest.

A-Kon 24
Photo by Mexicanime.

I dressed as an Engineer for most of the day so I could go to the TF2 photoshoot, which was tons of fun. I also had mini-shoots with Peony and Mexicanime! Mexicanime and I took some photos outside.

After the group photoshoot, I spotted a dingy stairwell with some industrial-looking furnishings, so I asked Peony to snap a few photos of me. Surprisingly, they are some of my favorite photos from the weekend. The yellowish, dim lighting was really flattering and fit the mood perfectly. Weird how some of the best shots are accidental, huh?

A-Kon 24
A-Kon 24
Photo by Peony Lang.

Later on, I changed into my Ramona Flowers costume for a fun photoshoot with my friend Kimmie as Envy Adams and Matt as Todd Ingram. I love how the photos came out for this! Kimmie and Matt put together their costumes last minute, but I think they wound up looking absolutely flawless! I can't wait to build a bigger and bigger Scott Pilgrim group.

For my Ramona costume, I decided to go for a bolder makeup look -- in my previous photos of her, the makeup was all washed out. I think the new makeup turned out great.

A-Kon 24 A-Kon 24 A-Kon 24 A-Kon 24 A-Kon 24 A-Kon 24

Overall, I had an awesome experience at A-Kon this year. Although I hope the con fixes some of the issues with the traffic flow of the convention, the venue is awesome and has a ton of great locations for photos. I hope to attend next year as well! If you want to view my photos, click here!

The next con on my list is San Diego Comic Con! I'm excited but also nervous to get some costume work done by then. Last year, I didn't wear costumes since I'd never been before and wanted to really soak up the experience. This year, I am going all out!

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