Thursday, July 25, 2013

SDCC 2013 (AKA #ScottPilgrimCon)

San Diego is back to business as usual. The convention center is no longer packed with nerdy black t-shirts and extravagant cosplays, the Gaslamp area is no longer a walking billboard, and geeks the world over are back to their daily routines. San Diego Comic Con was excellent this year -- I'm proud to say my second SDCC was just as great as my first! I can't wait until next year to experience it all over again.

To combat post-con depression, I wanted to share my top 5 SDCC moments from this year! This year had a lot of "firsts" for me, especially since it was my first year cosplaying.

Top 5 SDCC 2013 Moments

SDCC 2013

1. Meeting Bryan Lee O'Malley

BLOM and I have been in contact since he first posted about my Ramona Flowers hooping video, and at the con, we met up! It was a brief encounter, mostly because I am so shy, but it was great to talk with him in person and of course take selfies. I can't wait for his new book, Seconds, to come out!

SDCC 2013 

2. #ScottPilgrimCon

I only brought two costumes to SDCC, and both were versions of Ramona Flowers, so I joked that it was not SDCC, but Scott Pilgrim Con. My boyfriend, Colby, and friend, Mary, dressed up with me, and I tried to take photos with every Scott Pilgrim cosplayer I ran into! I forgot how much fun it is to have a bigger group. I'd love to try organizing a Scott Pilgrim meetup for next year's Comic Con.

I was so happy to run into @yayahan today and talk for a bit! She's just as beautiful in real life and so sweet -- thanks so much Yaya! Taking a pic of @AishaTyler taking an Instagram video! #meta

3. Meeting Aisha Tyler, Cosplay in America, and Yaya Han

One of my favorite aspects of SDCC is bringing the fans so close to the creators and creatives they love. Throughout the weekend, I had the opportunity to meet several others that I'm inspired by, including Aisha Tyler at a special fan event, Cosplay in America, and even Yaya Han, cosplayer extraordinare!

Some of the vloggers from @geekandsundry wanted to take a picture with ME! I was so flattered! #SDCC
One of the Geek & Sundry vloggers wanted a photo with me! I was so flattered.

4. Swag

As usual, SDCC swag was awesome! My favorites this year? The sweet Ramona Flowers poster I got for showing up at Oni Press's booth in costume, the exclusive Aisha Tyler poster, and some of the free comics I picked up. Geek & Sundry had a photo booth that I couldn't stop going to also, so now I have a ton of photo strips too!

Photo from Liz Locksley!

 5. King of the Nerds Cereal Bar

It feels silly to include this in the same post as meeting my idols, but this was my favorite off-site event this year! This cereal bar had over 30 kinds of cereal you could mix and match, plus tons of toppings, and even special milk options like soy and chocolate. They served the cereal in these cute travel mugs -- one of ours had a $50 gift card in it, too. The lounge was transformed with geeky cereal art, free arcade games, episodes of King of the Nerds, and even iPads to play around with. Too cool!

I miss San Diego and the con already, but it'll be back before I know it! Next up for me is Anime Fest.

Stay tuned for more photos and a full post about my new Ramona costume!

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