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Style Icon: Effie Trinket

effie closeups
Effie's signature saturated, matchy-matchy looks.
She's outrageous, oblivious, and over-the-top -- both in personality and style. Who? Effie Trinket, of course!

I only recently saw The Hunger Games, but I instantly bonded with Effie, a stylish Capitol resident and the escorts of the main characters into the lavish world of the Capitol. Effie is ignorant to the brutality of the game, and is known for her charm, attention to manners, and cheery demeanor. Like the other residents of the Capitol, Effie places a lot of emphasis on her appearance, which makes her a really fun character to draw style inspiration from! Since the next movie in the trilogy, Catching Fire, is coming out soon, I thought it'd be a good time to analyze her fashion choices.

Effie Trinket's Signature Style

catching fire
Effie Trinket's outfits from Catching Fire, so far.

Bold color combinations

Effie isn't afraid of color! Her outfits often feature bright, attention-grabbing colors and daring combinations, such as pale gold and lavender, peacock-like green and blue, and so on. She rarely wears true neutral colors. To channel a little bit of this Captiol gal's style, try wearing solid, saturated pieces and pairing them in unexpected combinations. A quick look at the color wheel should help -- try analogous or complementary color combinations to get her look.

Structured, feminine pieces

In each of her outfits, Effie highly emphasizes her own femininity. She is never seen in pants, instead preferring dresses and skirt-suits, and always in sky-high heels. In addition, she tends to go for over-the-top exaggeration of her proportions in the form of excessive ruffles, huge shoulder pads, cinched waists, and even tall collars. To adapt this style element for yourself, utilize pieces with cuts that produce an optical illusion with your proportions, like the currently trending peplum or 80's-style shoulder pads.

effie purple
Effie loves pieces that emphasize her femininity. 

Eccentric hair and makeup

Just as well-planned as each piece of her outfit is Effie's eccentric makeup and ever-changing hair. Her looks are a little bold for everyday wear, but consider matching your lipstick, nails, or even eyelashes to your outfit color combinations for her matchy-matchy, everything-in-its-place look. Effie's signature accessory is a flower clip in her hair -- be sure to have one in every color for every possible outfit!

Mix of classic and trendy

An interesting aspect of the Capitol costuming in the movie was the mix of classic cuts and color combinations with trendy and avant-garde style elements. A purple skirted suit with black pumps is a timeless look, but Effie's version includes outrageous shoulder detailing, ruffles, and rich fabrics. For a little Capitol-inspired juxtaposition in your own wardrobe, pair classic pieces with unexpected details, on-trend accessories, or even just in unexpected colors.

Effie-Inspired Outfits

I created a few Effie-inspired looks that use the same style elements, but hopefully in a more wearable way. I tried to keep all of these outfits affordable and appropriate for everyday wear, while maintaining Effie's signature style.

This first outfit is based off of Effie's fluffy red gown from Catching Fire. A structured, red dress with a peplum at the waist emulates the volume of Effie's dress without being excessive. For this look, I chose two dresses -- one that is easily affordable, and one that I could never hope to own. Continue to monotone look by pairing the dress with fire-red pumps with feminine detailing to echo the dress design. Finally, geometric gold jewelry completes the look. This outfit is perfect for any formal event where you want to turn heads.

For an outfit for those more relaxing Capitol days, pair a lavender dress with gold accessories. A waist-cinching gold belt with a bow detail is perfectly feminine and plays off the light, airy feel of the dress. Add on metallic gold pendant, cuff, headband, and sandals, and you're ready for a day of leisurely shopping, drink sipping, and mingling with the upper crust.

Effie Trinket The Reaping Outfit Inspiration

For this re-imagining of Effie's stylish deep plum Reaping Day suit, I first chose this layered plum dress to emulate the ruffles and exaggerated shoulders of Effie's suit. Next, top the dress with a fuchsia blazer to maintain the formal feel of the original outfit. Accessorize with bold pink and purple makeup, a floral necklace, a flower clip in your cute updo, and simple black pumps. Although Effie wears this on a suspenseful day, I can see this outfit being appropriate for an occasion like a fancy brunch!

Whose style should I pick apart next? Which was your favorite outfit?

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