Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Operation: Get Perfect Skin

Operation: Get Perfect Skin 

I am no stranger to skincare woes. From lizard-skin to blemishes, I feel like I've seen it all! After surviving through my teenage years and then some, I'm starting to realize that I need to take skincare seriously if I want to see an improvement in my skin. I want to treat my skin the way it deserves!

I'd given up on finding my "Holy Grail" skincare items long, long ago. I have dry and sensitive skin, which makes almost any type of cleanser harsh and drying. After all, most products are formulated for oily or combination skin. My skincare routine has mostly been a practice of "wash until skin is dry and irritated, moisturize to try and compensate for the damage done." As a result, I am lazy about washing my face, which causes blemishes. It's all a cycle -- once you get blemishes, you cover them with makeup, which makes my sensitive skin break out even more. Add a lack of consistent skincare to that and... you get the picture. Eek! It all sounds terrible when I just put it out there.

But no longer! I'm on a mission to see what works, what doesn't, and (hopefully) emerge with an all-new complexion. For the next month, I am committing to trying a consistent skincare routine and reporting my results. But first things first: I need tools and a plan.

Tools in my Arsenal



My old cleanser left my dry skin feeling irritated and thirsty, so the first thing I did was pick out some new products to try. I went to a favorite of mine, Lush, to pick out a cleanser right for me after Lexi's recommendation. I love Lush anyway -- not only are their products all natural and free of gunk, but the sales associates always let you try out whatever product on your skin (usually hand, arm, or wrist) before you make a decision. That means you can see how it makes your particular skin react, feel, and smell.

My requirements were simple: the cleanser must work well with dry skin and be vegan. Lush's products are all cruelty-free and the vegan products are clearly marked, so that was a breeze. A lovely sales associate helped me try out three products and pick two, Aqua Marina and 9 to 5.

Aqua Marina is a clay-based cleanser with calamine and seaweed. That means it's soothing, especially for redness or other irritation, and most definitely not drying.

9 to 5 is a lotion-based cleanser that is so simple to use. I was drawn to this product because you don't even need to use water! You just put a small amount on your face then wipe it off with a washcloth or cotton pads. Easy peasy.

additional tools

Moisturizer & Tools

As a dry-skinned gal, moisturizer is an important step for me as well. I am currently using Philosophy's Hope in a Jar, but it has a questionable status on being vegan (so, probably isn't) and doesn't really cause miracles for me. I'm open to other products, but for now, Hope in a Jar is what I've got, so it's what I'll use.

Finally, after non-stop buzz about Clarisonic and other motorized face brushes, I bought a knockoff, the Olay version. Reviews have said the two give pretty much the same results, and I got my brush for closer to $20 than $200! I'm looking forward to seeing if it helps any. I've used it already and it definitely makes my skin feel softer and smoother, but we'll see if it affects the appearance as well.

Plan of Action


All the brilliant skincare products in the world won't help me if I don't get into the routine of using them!

For the next month, I am committing to following this routine every single day. No matter how tired I am, or how much I don't want to, or how much I'm running late.  A single day of neglect could totally ruin this experiment, so consistency is important!

In the mornings, I'll use Aqua Marina with the Olay brush and moisturize with Hope in a Jar. In the evenings, I will wash off my makeup with 9 to 5. Depending on how my skin feels after, I may or may not use moisturizer. I also want to pay close attention to common blemish-causing items, like my phone, pillowcase, and just touching my face in general.

I'm looking forward to the results of this journey and sharing it all with you!

What's your skincare routine?

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