Friday, September 20, 2013

Magical Girls! Sailor Moon Lolita Meetup

Sailor Moon Lolita Meetup! Sailor Moon Lolita Meetup!
One reason I maintain an interest in lolita fashion is the creative aspect. I'm a sucker for themed outfits so that aspect really appeals to me. 

I had the pleasure of attending a Sailor Moon-themed lolita meetup, which was so fun because everyone really embraced the theme! The idea was not to necessarily create a "cosplay-lolita" version of the character, but instead evoke them through an outfit. I love seeing everyone's interpretations of their various characters.

Sailor Moon Lolita Meetup! Sailor Moon Lolita Meetup!

I chose Artemis (the cat) so I wouldn't have to buy a new dress or skirt (lazy or resourceful? You decide!). I threw on my sequinned, fur bolero and matched with white and gold accessories. My favorite detail has to be the gold cat ear headband with pearls attached! I think it ties everything together and it's purr-fect for a cat-themed outfit. I had on obnoxiously large fake eyelashes, but they didn't even survive the car ride to the event, so I covered all the failed glue with cat-eye eyeliner and called it a day. It turned out great despite all of that -- and it was so fun to goof off with my Luna (ChRi), too!

Cat took some video of all of us. We look like we're having so much fun!

The event itself was organized phenomenally. Hats off to Cat, who always outdoes herself with every meetup! We all got goodie bags as we piled into a privately rented theater to watch clips from the anime, live action series, and even the musicals. With the reboot of the anime coming out soon, it was definitely nostalgic and fun to rewatch the older iterations of the metaseries.

My Artemis the cat-themed Sailor Moon meetup coord! ☆ #sailormoon #lolita #lolitafashionSailor Moon meetup goodie bags!! SO CUTE!

Thanks again to Cat for organizing the meet, the Alamo Drafthouse for letting a bunch of Moonies rent out the space, and all the attendees for impressing me with your cuteness and creativity!

Are you a Sailor Moon fan?

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