Monday, September 16, 2013

Operation: Get Perfect Skin - Midmonth Update

It's halfway through the month! Let's see if I've been keeping up with my mission to get clear skin. If you missed the first part of this series, check it out here before reading on. You'll see my goals, and what products I chose and why. To read all posts in this series, click here!


So far, I have to say I am definitely seeing an improvement in my complexion! Picking moisturizing cleansers is making a difference to my dry skin. Lately, I haven't had any dry patches or flakes, and my skin feels a lot softer. Cleansing on a more regular basis has also been reducing my blemishes and overall improving the tone of my skin. I'm impressed! I'm not totally blemish-free, but my skin is clearer and any issues I do have are a lot smaller and easier to control.

Operation: Get Perfect Skin

Have I been keeping up with my twice-a-day cleansing plan? Well... yes and no. I have been religiously taking off my makeup with 9 to 5 every night, but some mornings, my face already feels clean from washing it the night before. I've been a lot lazier about using Aqua Marina. For the remainder of the month, though, I want to recommit to washing my face in the mornings as well to see if it makes a difference. Washing my face at least once a day is still a huge step up for me, so I am definitely excited about that!

Star Products

Hands-down, my favorite discovery has been Lush's 9 to 5, which is a lotion-based cleanser. It's so simple to use  -- apply a small amount to your face, rub it in, then wipe it off. No water or other mess required. I even took it with me to Anime Fest because it's so easy to travel with.

At first, I wasn't sure that it was really eliminating all the grime and makeup from my face. I mean, without water, it wasn't really cleansing, right? But the results have been wonderful and my face has never looked better. If you're lazy about taking off your makeup at night, 9 to 5 is definitely worth a shot.

Just because 9 to 5 is my favorite doesn't mean there aren't runners-up! I really have enjoyed Aqua Marina - when I remember to use it - and the Olay brush as well. I feel like my skin gets a deeper clean from this routine. I am wondering now if I really need an additional morning product or if I can just use 9 to 5 all the time. The second half of my experiment should help me decide.

Vegan Presence - Sept 2013 Review

New Products

I mentioned previously that I wasn't really happy with Hope in a Jar for several reasons, and I experimented with a few new moisturizers this month. First up is Lush's Celestial, which I received a sample of when I bought my cleansers. I almost didn't want to try it because I knew I'd fall in love and want to buy it that instant. It smells amazing, like vanilla, which is a huge upgrade from the sort of fishy smell of Hope in a Jar. It's also extremely hydrating. For someone with normal, combination, or oily skin, I think it'd be far too much, but for my dry skin, it really balances things out.

Another moisturizer I tried was the MuLondon product I received in my Vegan Presence box. I think this product may be the best-smelling thing in my arsenal, perfumes included. Seriously. The white chocolate truffle scent is just divine. It's super concentrated, which makes for a hydrating formula, and also means you barely use any each time. This will be my go-to until I run out, which honestly might be some time from now!

Finally, the last new product I tried was totally unanticipated. Along with the moisturizer, my Vegan Presence box also contained a mocha face scrub from Mystical House. Like the MuLondon moisturizer, it smells wonderful. It's only got three ingredients -- sweet almond oil, cacao, and coffee -- and seems to be effective from the one time I used it. I'll be adding it in as a once or twice a week treat.


That's all for now! I know I'm talking a lot about skincare, but I hope that my own misadventures can help at least one other person out there. It's taken me far too long personally to start treating my skin well.

I'm excited so far that it all seems to be working, and I can't wait to see if washing my face twice a day does even more. Keep your eyes peeled for a final post at the end of the month!

What's your favorite skincare item?

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