Friday, October 4, 2013

October Activities

Here in Texas, October means summer is finally starting to end and the weather is cooling down from "boiling" to "tolerably warm." (I'm super jealous of those of you talking about sweaters and scarves -- the weather doesn't truly cool down until December here!) October is also host to Halloween, my favorite holiday ever, if you haven't caught on yet. The combination of cooler weather, creepy-cute decor, and costumes makes it one of the best months ever. I've collected a list of my must-do activities to celebrate this month.

October Activities List

Pick a drink for the season and make an outfit inspired by it. Maybe it's the ever-popular pumpkin spice latte, a warm mug of green tea, a hot apple cider, or a soy chai latte. Whatever your signature drink is, use it for sartorial inspiration!

Make a flower crown with fall colors. Gold, yellow, orange, whatever colors fit the season! You can also make a leaf crown to show off the pretty (faux) autumn foliage in your hair.

Have a movie night. Watch your Halloween and autumn favorites with popcorn and cozy blankets. Bonus points if you make a fort. (Psst... I have my own Halloween watching list coming up soon, keep an eye out!)

Pick a day to sit in a coffee shop for hours. Better yet, make it a coffee shop you've never been to before. Get a hot drink, grab a book or your laptop, and camp out! I like to write down lists of blog post ideas, read a for-fun book, and write down outfit ideas inspired by the stylish girls that come in to get coffee.

Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte

Embrace all things pumpkin. From the ubiquitous latte to the downright bizarre pumpkin butter, take advantage of the seasonal flavor and try something new this year. Don't forget to decorate with pumpkins, whether they are carved, painted, or glittered all over.

Play with a new style. I've decided this is the year I learn how to wear thigh-high and knee-high socks in fall outfits. Try wearing a blazer instead of a cardigan, swapping boots for oxfords, or experimenting with different hats.

Decorate your apartment, house, or work with creepy-cute goodies. My favorites are usually at Target and often in the $1 aisle, including my favorite pink glitter skull from a few years back! I want to get some black cat items this year.

See The Rocky Horror Picture Show at midnight. It's a cult classic for a reason! Dress ridiculously -- fishnets and bright lipstick are a must -- and be sure to support your local shadowcast by purchasing a prop pack. Drag all your friends for a fun night!

What is your must-do for October?

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