Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ultimate Halloween Costume Resource Guide: Wigs, Contacts, and Costumes

If you've never made a costume, but want to, Halloween is the perfect time to get started! You have a little under one month to get everything together -- but where should you start? I'm partnering up with Lexi  Lexifer over at Rhinestone Religion to bring you a two-part Halloween costuming guide! I'm covering wigs, contacts, and costume tutorials, and Lexifer has all your makeup and beauty needs.

Ultimate Halloween Costume Resources Guide!


Wigs can be a crucial part of really getting into the character you are channeling. Unless your character has the same color hair that you do, I recommend trying a wig. If you wear a quality wig, they look like real hair and aren't itchy or uncomfortable. Wigs can totally transform your identity -- you may find them addicting! Here's my favorite guide to wearing wigs. Don't forget your wig cap!

  • Arda Wigs - My go-to for thick, beautiful, high-quality wigs.
  • Epic Cosplay - I've heard great things about the wigs from here!
  • Gothic Lolita Wigs - A favorite for lolita or celebrity wigs.
  • Lockshop - I just ordered my first wig from them, so excited! They are based somewhere in Europe so the shipping is a little pricey.
  • Ebay - These tend to be cheaper, but buyer beware! Sometimes the wigs are terrible. Be sure to research sellers! They also tend to ship from China, so if you use this option, get it quick or it'll come in too late.


If you're planning on creepy special effects lenses or just want to change your eye color for the night, colored contact lenses are a great option. I have not personally used any of the sites below yet, but they all come highly recommended by friends or cosplayers I know. Always look for reviews before you buy contacts and absolutely be safe with them! This guide is great for learning how to care for contact lenses.

Costuming Tutorials & Resources

If you're looking for a specific costume tutorial, you will have the best luck searching extensively on Google. Lots of people document the process of making a costume, so you will be sure to find video or photo tutorials to help you get started! You can search specifically ("How to make Fionna hat") or a little more generally ("How to make a felt hat") depending on the popularity of your character. Otherwise, here are a few of my favorite general tutorials to help you nail your costume. Don't forget to check out my own cosplay page -- I have detailed construction notes for all my costumes, including Ramona Flowers and Fionna the Human, which would be great for Halloween! Lexi also has a glam, showgirl-inspired Poison Ivy on her blog.

From one Halloween lover to another, I hope this helped out with your Halloween costume preparations. If you have any resources to add, tell me in the comments! And hey - don't forget to check out Lexifer's Halloween makeup, nails, and beauty guide.

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