Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Daily Outfit: Merry and Bright

Merry Christmas Eve, everybody! I hope your holiday season has been relaxing and enjoyable, no matter what holiday you celebrate (or don't). I always love being able to take a break from responsibilities, see my family, and take in all the holiday sights.

We're staying at a hotel right now, which is so different than staying at my parent's house, but also refreshing. It's nice to let the hotel take care of the decorations and holiday entertainment so that all the focus can be on spending time with my family. We have a room overlooking all the Christmas decorations, so it's fun to just sit with some coffee and people watch. The days are so much slower during school breaks.

Clothing-wise, I packed almost all black and some shades of red. It's hard to tell with this lighting, but my top is actually a wine-red color. Black is just the easiest color to match in the winter - the warmest clothing seems to be available only in dark colors. But that's alright, it makes me feel like I'm constantly dressing up for a party.

Outfit Details
Varsity Jacket: Forever 21 (Similar) | Bodysuit: ModCloth 
 Skirt: Forever 21 (Similar) | Boots: ModCloth

Happy Holidays! 

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