Thursday, December 19, 2013

ModCloth Where the Heart Is Grab Bag Reveal!

ModCloth Where the Heart Is Grab Bag Reveal

So unless you are totally new here, you are probably aware of my love for ModCloth. I've been a supporter of them since 2010, when I made my first order. When you're into cat-shaped accessories and circle skirts, ModCloth is like a shining gem among a sea of body con.

So of course I've participated in ModCloth's sales and promotions before, but I was really excited for this one - a grab bag! Full of travel-themed goodies! I love surprises and I was sure I'd love whatever was packed inside this tote bag, which seemed perfect for upcoming holiday travel!

ModCloth Where the Heart Is Grab Bag Reveal

For starters, the tote bag itself is super cute. I love that there's an adorable pug drawing and he has his own pug slippers! 

ModCloth Where the Heart Is Grab Bag Reveal

Then when I looked inside - wow! They fit a bunch of goodies in here! The promotion stated the estimated value of the goodies would be around $50, but I was expecting fewer items.

ModCloth Where the Heart Is Grab Bag Reveal

Starting at the top, we have a lovely raspberry infinity scarf and a bear eye mask. Too cute! These are the perfect essentials for taking a nap on the go, whether you are in a train, plane, or car.

ModCloth Where the Heart Is Grab Bag Reveal

Then further along, we have fuzzy bunny socks, shampoo and conditioner travel bottles shaped like ornaments, a compass necklace, and hair ties that don't leave a dent in your hair.

So, the verdict? Super cute! I love all the goodies I got, even if the travel theme is a bit of a stretch for some of them. I feel like the goodies are definitely worth $50 in total. If ModCloth has another grab bag promotion, I'll probably scoop it up, too.

ModCloth has a promotion going right now, too! The ModCloth Revel in Rewards Sale has three ways to save big - especially for the holiday season.

1. As always, there is FREE US shipping on orders $50+
2. But if you spend $100+, you get free EXPRESS shipping! A great deal for those of us a little behind on our holiday shopping!
3. Plus, if you spend $125+, you get $25 back to spend on yourself in January!

To take advantage of these deals, you'll have to hurry - this promotion ends today, December 19th. If I hadn't just made a big order, I'd definitely be shopping for that $25 back deal!

Even if you miss this offer, you can always take advantage of the $15 off your first order deal by shopping through this link.

What do you think of the grab bag? Have you ever ordered a mystery product?

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