Monday, January 13, 2014

Cosplay 101: Cosplay Contact Cards

For Ikkicon, I finally ordered cosplay business cards (usually called contact cards). I was so thrilled to tear open a package full of tiny cosplay prints, all with my personal information on the back.

In any hobby where you meet a lot of new people, having a way to exchange contact information is essential - so I'm going to share contact cards and how to design your own!

I got my Moo contact cards in for #AnimeFest and #DragonCon! Say hi and we can trade   I love collecting these little mini-prints of my cosplay friends, plus it makes it a lot easier to stay in contact after the con!

Cosplay Contact Cards

At first, I didn't want to order any cards with myself on them. Isn't that somewhat vain? Or arrogant? I'm no cosplay genius, so why do I need my own business cards?

Then, as I saw more and more cosplayers hand out their cards, I realized it was just a simple way to stay in touch with other cosplayers, photographers, and con friends you meet. That's why I like the idea of calling them "contact cards" instead - it sounds a lot more friendly, no?

I love handing these out to people I meet at cons that I really get along with, or want to plan a photoshoot with, or just otherwise want to maintain a friendship with. I even used one of my cards at Ikkicon to invite our hotel neighbors to play a game of Cards Against Humanity!

Plus, it's really fun to trade with fellow cosplayers. My collection is growing rapidly - and it's almost like a tiny print collection full of your friends.

Cosplay Contact Cards with

Designing Your Contact Cards with

Like many others, I chose to design my cards with I love the quality and sturdiness of Moo's cards, plus they allow you to choose as many different images for the front of your cards as you want! This is great news for cosplayers - that means you can use all the different photos of you in costume! Score!

I used 10 designs and ordered 50 cards, so I got 5 of each design. I tried to pick different costumes, but as usual, there's a ton of Ramona Flowers in there. I also ordered a few cards with Ramona's number on them to hand out while in costume.

Cosplay Contact Cards

On the back, I used Moo's designer to add an image and text. I wanted to include my website, email, Twitter account, and Facebook page - that's the information I want when I meet someone new! You could include your phone number, a tagline, or any other additional information, too. The sky's the limit!

It's pretty easy and straightforward to figure out, even if you're not the best designer (cough, cough, looking at myself here!). If you are a graphic design wiz, you can upload your own full image for the back or front.

Oh, and if you use my referral link, you'll get 10% off your order!

So, how about it, my cosplay comrades? 

Do you have business cards for cosplay? Are you planning on making some?

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