Wednesday, January 8, 2014

January Activities

January is so often associated with the new year - out with the old, in with the new, right? Even if you're not a resolutioner, January feels like a blank slate. Here are 6 ways to start the year off on a high note!
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Change your look - drastically! I know it's just a change in the calendar, but there's something refreshing about starting the new year with a new look. I've been itching to change my hair dramatically, but subtler changes work just as well. It's fun to look back and think, oh yeah, that was the year I went brunette/got my septum pierced/got my first tattoo!

Forget resolutions - set up systems that work. I love making goals, but the best way is not by looking for an end result. Instead, build habits and systems that work toward that end goal! More on this method here.

Start a "Good Things" jar. I've seen this idea floating around the internet for years, but this year, I'm finally doing it! The idea is simple - throughout the year, write down anything good that happens, big or small. I'm so excited to fill my jar to the brim with happy thoughts and read them all at the end of the year!

Clean out your digital clutter. Go through all your Facebook friends and likes, organize your files (maybe with Dropbox and Pinterest), and finally clear your desktop. Clean out your blog reader. Delete those bookmarks you'll never read or use. Start the new year fresh!

Buy a calendar that inspires you. If you haven't gotten one already, calendars are super cheap now! I got Yaya Han's calendar (back in July!) to inspire me to be a more skilled cosplayer. The same goes for a planner - find one that will help you be the best you can be this year!

Pick your intention for the year. 2014 marks my fourth year doing this! Choose a word or phrase to guide your choices this year. Previously, my intention words have been "fearless," "bloom," and "balance."

What's your must-do for January?

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