Monday, February 3, 2014

February Activities

Do Your Thing and Don't Care if They Like It. - Tina Fey

Start a self-love tradition. It's easy to hate on Valentine's Day, but why not update the holiday a little? Take yourself on a date - go to a new restaurant by yourself with a good book, dig through old magazines at your library, go on a walk through the park with your headphones (or not). Buy yourself a treat - maybe a hot stone massage or a bar of luxurious dark chocolate? Valentine's Day is a fabulous time to celebrate yourself.

Protect yourself from winter beauty pitfalls. Lexi did a post about her winter skin lifesavers which reminded me to keep an eye on my own routine. Remember to moisturize, drink lots of water, and apply lip balm!

Buy someone you love a tea inspired by something they love. Adagio allows anyone to create a custom blend of tea - and there's a whole section devoted to fandom blends! Why not give someone in your life a tea inspired by their favorite comic book character or TV series?

Teach yourself at least one new thing during Black History Month. Self-education is so important, and with the internet, it's easier than ever. A quick Google search found this list of important events and people in African-American history - click on a few you aren't familiar with and get reading!

Practice this mantra: I approve of myself. When you like what you're doing, it doesn't matter what others think. Jessica shared her experience with this mantra and it totally resonated with me.

Shop for heart-shaped everything. February is such a great time to stock up on adorable, heart-shaped novelty items. A heart-shaped bowl for your nightstand! Heart-shaped earrings for a daily self-love reminder! Heart-shaped chocolates just because!

What's your must-do for February?

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