Monday, March 31, 2014

March Wishlist

March Wishlist

1. Mako Mankanshoku Figure - Kill la Kill's final episode just aired last Thursday. I haven't kept up with an anime week-to-week, as it aired, in a long, long time. Watching Kill la Kill live was thrilling! Mako is my favorite character (Nonon is a close second!) and this Nendoroid figure is one of the most expressive I've ever seen. It also comes with a tiny pug wearing a hoodie.

2. Waffle Lovin' Stephanie Brown Brooch - I've fangirled over BatEarrang for a long while now, but only recently made my first order. Jessica makes vintage-inspired jewelry from "rescued" comic books, and each piece is lovely and unique! If you love the concept, but have a penchant for obscure characters, she accepts custom orders, too.

3. Kawaii for Life Print - Nothing says "kawaii" like pastel hair, bows, and cupcakes. This print would be super cute above a dresser or vanity!

4. Karaoke Songstress Shorts - I am so ready for spring! I've been buying crop tops and I think these high-waisted shorts would match perfectly. (Plus, the design reminds me of Marceline - always a good thing!)

5. Set the Serene Swimsuit (Top, Bottom) - I'm not sure I've ever worn a two-piece swimsuit, but this season's retro, high-waisted trend makes me want to try it out. ModCloth has a ton of cute swimwear, both one and two-pieces as well as lots of plus-size options!

6. Batman Muscle Tee - More Batman Batgirl always.

What's on your wishlist this month?

P.S. - Tonight, I'm going to be joining some fellow Female Geek Bloggers for a con-at-home G+ hangout, all about cosplay! We may or may not wear costumes. (Just kidding, we're cosplayers - of course we're going to wear costumes.) We'll post a link to the hangout on Twitter with #FGBCosplay so keep an eye out.

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