Saturday, June 14, 2014

We Could Be Heroes

Geek Girls for Suicide Prevention Giveaway

I'm totally floored by the response so far to the Geek Girls for Suicide Prevention Giveaway. So far, we have helped Autumn raise $126 towards her crisis intervention certification. In other words, her certification is over halfway funded, thanks to all of you!

This fundraising effort - especially since it's combined with comic books - is a reminder that we all have the ability to be heroes in our own way. The new Ms. Marvel, Kamala, faces fears that she's not truly a hero since she's not the blonde haired, blue eyed Captain Marvel that everyone already knows. It takes her a while to learn that she is a hero in her own right, regardless of whether or not her appearance or personality matches what others expect.


To me, funding Autumn's certification is heroic. Autumn will go on to save lives, and each person that donates helps make that happen. Plus, some of the people Autumn helps with may go on to work for a suicide prevention service themselves. Even spreading the word about IMAlive can help others in need - you never know who might need the service. While we might not have shapeshifting powers like Kamala, we can all help out in our own way.

There's still time to donate to Autumn's IMAlive certification and enter the giveaway - please consider donating, entering the giveaway, or sharing this post to help save lives.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


International entries will be accepted.
You do not have to donate in order to participate in this giveaway, but we highly recommend it. Why not do a good deed instead of buying a fancy latte, especially when you could win a prize for doing so?
Please screen capture your donation and save it for entry verification purposes. That means no anonymous donations-- we have to be able to identify it. We'll only ask you to show it to us via email if you are selected as one of the winners.
When submitting an entry for a donation, be sure to type "your name as it appears on the donation list / $amount / name of the volunteer you donated to" in the box where it asks for the info. Failure to do so will invalidate your entry.
Thank you!

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