Monday, September 15, 2014

Life According to Instagram

Between the last few conventions of the season, grad school starting, and work, I've been busy! I'm getting back into the swing of things this week.

Life According to Instagram

1. I made a new Daenerys costume for SDCC. My life was basically gold paint for a week.

2. One of my favorite nooks in my office is where my record player sits! I love listening to my favorite bands while I work, blog, or study.

3. To promote the launch of The Sims 4, Pancake Bob traveled across the US giving away free pancakes! I was thrilled to see Austin's Kerbey Lane Cafe on the list, and my waitress even hooked me up with vegan pancakes.

4. I purchased some new cosplay contact cards since I've made so many new costumes lately. If you're interested, be sure to use my referral link for Moo! We both get a discount.

5. At Anime Fest, Liz and I were kigurumi buddies!

6. My Halloween costume this year is going to be Columbia from The Rocky Horror Picture Show! I used to perform on a shadowcast - RHPS has been near and dear to my heart for years. I'm thrilled to finally dress up as my favorite character. (The costume was provided by Costume Supercenter - I'll be modifying it then doing a full review post soon!)

7. One of my favorite purchases from SDCC was these heart-shaped sunglasses.

8. I didn't get to see much of Atlanta while I was at Dragon Con, but it seemed like a beautiful city. Our room had a city view!

9. I spent my birthday (September 1st) at Dragon Con this year - normally I spend it at Anime Fest with Peony, who shares the same birthday. She sent me this drawing she did of me and Prince Zuko. Best birthday gift ever!

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