Monday, October 6, 2014

October Activities

Magical girls need pink lipstick. @lulus dress, F21 vest. #ootd

DIY a denim vest. Now that the weather is cooling down, denim vests are comfortable to wear again! Grab a cheapo vest from Forever 21 or a thrift shop and decorate it to your heart's content. Dip dye, install studs, sew on patches, add buttons... make it yours! 

Make cinnamon roll pancakes. With a swirl of cinnamon-sugar in the middle, Kerbey Lane Cafe carries my all-time favorite pancake - the cinnamon roll pancake. Make some at home with the Minimalist Baker's recipe!

This side of my vest is more varied -- feminism and veganism and Sailor Moon and Scott Pilgrim.

Pledge to read the printed word. Autumn is the perfect time to get cozy with a good read. Pick up the latest comic books or join an online book club, like the NovelTea book club run by Kristin at My Life as a Teacup.

Treat your hands nicely! Give yourself a weekly manicure, use cuticle oil daily, and carry hand lotion with you. A little effort goes a long way. This extends to the rest of you, too - take care of your temple!

What's your must-do in October?

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