Saturday, November 15, 2014

#Nerdvember Day 1-15 Recap

#Nerdvember is a project run by Set to Stunning, challenging participants to don their nerdy accessories and clothing throughout the month of November. Originally, I thought I'd participate here and there, but after a streak of a few days, I felt like I had to keep it up all month long! It's been a lot of fun, even though it's a challenge to come up with something every single day. To follow my outfits in real time, make sure you're following me on Instagram.

Going through the Nerdvember tag on Instagram makes me so happy. It was only a short time ago that geeky clothing didn't exist in feminine cuts and styles, and look where we are now! Plus, everyone participating in Nerdvember has a style all their own - I love seeing how others wear their geek.

Nerdvember Day 1-2
Day 1 - Nightwing Inspired - Nightwing is one of my biggest fictional crushes! I think of him every time I combine blue and black.
(Bow: Forever 21 | Pin: Artist Alley | Cardigan: ModCloth | Top: Ruche (Similar) | Skirt: H&M | Shoes: Steve Madden)

Day 2 - Final Form Madoka Inspired - Space + Magical Girls = the best combination.
(Top: Look Human | Leggings: Think Geek | Boots: ModCloth)
Day 3 - Win or Die - I have a lot of Game of Thrones items and apparel, but this Westeros map t-shirt is my definitely my favorite. It's subtle but still geeky.
(Westeros map t-shirt: HBO)

Day 4 - Mami Tomoe Inspired - Another magical girl themed outfit, this time after my favorite girl from Madoka Magica. The soul gem necklace is a fun detail.
(Necklace: Starlight Deco Dream | Cardigan: ModCloth | Dress: ModCloth)
Day 5 - We Are Sex Bob-Omb! - One of my favorite geeky shirts! It looks like a regular band tee, but it's actually for a fictional concert.
(Battle of the Bands Tee: TeeFury | Leather jacket: Target (Similar) | Jeans: Express)

Day 6 - Interstellar Inspired - I went with a group of friends to see Interstellar. Another lady on the #Nerdvember tag wore a space-inspired outfit when she saw the film, so I followed suite!
(Studded bow: Forever 21 (Similar) | Space shirt: Target | High-waisted shorts: ModCloth | Boots: ModCloth)
Day 7 - Thanks for Saving Me from the Zombies, Batgirl - My subtle nerdiness this day was my favorite Batearrang pin (which I subsequently ruined via accidental bathroom spill, whomp whomp).
(Pin: Batearrang |Top: Ruche (Similar) | Cardigan: Forever 21 (via thrift shop))
Day 8 - Lazy Magical Girl - I never realized I had so much magical girl-themed clothing until this challenge.
(Bow: Forever 21 | T-Shirt: Look Human | Skirt: H&M | Socks: Ebay | Boots: ModCloth)

Day 9 - Sailor Moon Transformation - I love this necklace from Treno Nights so much! It's a real locket - it opens and closes, and you can put photos inside.
(Necklace: Treno Nights | Dress: ModCloth | Cardigan: ModCloth | Purse: Forever 21 (Similar))
Day 10 - Mmm, Donuts... - I saw a few bloggers with this sweater and had to pick it up for myself. It reminds me of the classic donut from The Simpsons!
(Sweater: Target | Top: Ruche (Similar))

Day 11 - Science Fiction, Double Feature - This Rocky Horror t-shirt is one of my all-time favorites - it's got a flattering cut, is super comfortable, and has a super cute design.
(Scarf: American Eagle (Similar) | Leather jacket: Target (Similar) | Rocky Horror V-Neck: Convention purchase | Skirt: Ebay | Boots: ModCloth)
Day 12 - Batgirl of Burnside - I purchased this dress because it reminded me of Stephanie Brown's Batgirl. Pairing it with this jacket feels more like Batgirl's new outfit, and I'm loving it.
(Leather jacket: Target (Similar) | Pin: Artist Alley | Dress: Target (Similar) | Boots: Madden Girl)

Day 13 - Well-Read - Because there's nothing nerdier than wearing a sweater with a cat reading a book to spend all day at the library.
(Sweater: ModCloth | Shirt: Urban Outfitters (Similar) | Jeans: Express | Boots: Madden Girl)
Day 14 - Sailor Rebels - For the gym, lounging all day, or the days you don't want to leave the house.
(Top: Look Human)

Day 15 - Winter is Coming - To get the joke on this shirt, you have to be a Game of Thrones fan and a fan of the doge meme, and as I have found out, that is a pretty small Venn diagram of people... but this is still one of my all-time favorite shirts.
(Shirt: Shirt.Woot )

Have you been participating in Nerdvember? 

Let me know so I can follow you on Instagram!

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