Tuesday, January 6, 2015

January Activities

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Choose a word or phrase to guide your year. I love picking a single intention for how I want the year to go -- some of my previous words have been "fearless," "bloom," and "balance." This year, my word is "sparkle," and I even made a Pinterest board dedicated to the way I want to live 2015.

Adopt this mantra: You are enough. The new year is a time where many feel the need to completely change who they are, from habits to goals to vices. While resolutions and goals are great, remember that you are exactly enough the way you are now. You're doing great!

Treat yourself to something to make your goals a little easier. It's common to reward yourself once you achieve a smaller goal -- go to the gym consistently for a month, buy new gym shoes -- but that might actually be holding yourself back from achieving your goal in the first place! Buy the shoes now, upgrade to the premium version of a website you use often, prioritize a new camera for your photography... whatever it takes!

Challenge yourself to leave your phone in the car or at home... on purpose. I'm the first to admit that I'm on my phone a little too often. If something is uncomfortable, boring, or a little too silent, it's easy to hop on your phone and scroll through Instagram. Lately, I've been leaving my phone where I can't reach for it so I can focus only on the people I'm with. 

What are your must-dos in January?

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