Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February Activities

February Activities

Romance yourself. I'm a big fan of year-round self-love, but Valentine's Day inspires a little extra self-lovin'. Write a love letter to yourself about all your favorite features and qualities, spend a day doing all your favorite things, or make yourself an elaborate dinner.

Light a candle when you work. I've started doing this and it is divine! Lighting a candle will help you focus and it's an instant mood brightener. Bonus points: choose a scent that corresponds to a mood you want, like lavender for relaxation.

Make time to read a book every day. Reading is such a valuable habit to cultivate. If you squeeze in just 15 minutes of reading time a day, you will have no problem finishing a book or two a month. Read a little before bed, while waiting for an appointment, or with breakfast. Reading is one of the cheapest, easiest ways to learn more and expand your vocabulary -- hop to it! Kristen has some great tips for finding time to read, and if you need recommendations, check my Pinterest board.

Take part in #28DaysofBlackCosplay. February is Black History Month, and in celebration, a group of cosplayers is partnering up to feature a black cosplayer or cosplay duo each day. Check out the hashtag and follow along, there are so many great cosplayers out there!

What's your must-do for February?

Looking for more ideas? Here's last year's list!

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