Thursday, February 5, 2015

Life According to Instagram

Life According to Instagram

1. I've been so behind on comics. When I went to the comic shop, I picked up a huge stack. I can't wait to get through all these and get caught up.

2. My newest purchases from Look Human -- this magical girl shirt and Sailor Moon tank top -- and a donut sweater from Target. #MagicalGirlLife

3. "Quit slacking and make it happen" is my current mantra, so I got it printed on notebook from May Designs. 

4. A freshly dyed and shaved head makes me feel like a new lady! This reminds me... time to book another hair appointment!

5. My favorite local vegan business, Capital City Bakery, teamed up with Sinfull Bakery to bake kolaches in all kinds of flavors, like pizza, blueberry cheesecake, and Thanksgiving dinner. They were fantastic.

6. During finals week, my university hosted a petting zoo with cute animals to improve student morale. I made friends with an adorable hedgehog (and it definitely improved my morale).

7. One of my favorite Christmas gifts? This amazing American Horror Story: Coven-esque hat. Very Zoe Benson, no?

8. A big goal of mine this year is to minimize my possessions. I keep a lot of extra stuff around -- like I've said, I'm kind of a packrat -- so I'm trying to be ruthless and get rid of things I don't like or won't use. We reorganized our bookshelf, and now our comics look beautiful!

9. My biggest project last semester was creating a start-up business, from idea to pitch. Our final product was pitched to real investors. I'm so proud of my team and our final result.

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I love peeking into the daily lives of others. (Plus I post way more photos on Instagram that never make it to this blog!)

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