Monday, August 27, 2012

Daily Outfit: Back to Work!

Back to Work!

It was so weird coming back to my job after the summer because it feels like everyone has changed positions within the office, left, or is a new hire! I'm excited to be back, though, because I really love my job and my co-workers.

I knew when I bought these ModCloth shoes that they would be useful for work outfits, too, and I'm very pleased! I have a few other tops and cardigans they match well with. Hopefully I can break them in a little bit more, though, because I have a few blisters from today. Nothing too painful, though!

I tend to wear an A-line skirt and a button-down top or plain top and a cardigan to work. I consider it my "work uniform" -- it's not set, but that's what I gravitate to. It's easy to put together, and it feels like my personal style but dressed up and polished a little. My normal style is a little over-the-top for the office, but I still like to be feminine. 

I do wear jeans on casual Fridays, but it feels a little strange because I rarely wear jeans anyway. I don't even own a pair of work slacks.

Outfit Details
Shirt: Goodwill | Cami: Target | Skirt: The Limited | Shoes: ModCloth

Do you like business clothes? Do you have anything you consider to be your "work uniform"?

P.S. -- I'm adding "Work Outfit" as a label on the site so you can see all outfits I wear to work together! Of course, there is only one right now. ;) 


  1. Super cute! I need to get on the skirt situation! I have some dresses that wear to work a lot, but jeans are relatively commonplace (I have a pretty casual office!)

    1. I sometimes wish my office was a little more casual so I could wear sundresses, but it also has a lot to do with my position. :)

  2. Cute skirt!

    xo Jennifer


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