Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What I Did: Amber Does Dallas Science Fiction Double Feature

Have you ever seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show? It only counts if you've seen it in a theater! What about REPO! The Genetic Opera? Both of these cheesy sci-fi horror musicals are considered cult classics and are performed by shadowcasts across the country and the world. I love each of these movies and encourage everyone I know to go out and see them at least once!

Amber Does Dallas Double Feature
Photo by Scully! Hoopin' outside the theater.
The concept of a shadowcast is a little difficult to explain -- basically, the movie plays on a large screen, but performers act out the scenes, and there are costumes, sets, props, and even techies, just like a regular theater production. What's more, the audience plays a large part in the show by throwing certain things at the actors, shouting out hilarious callbacks, and interacting directly with the cast.

I had the privilege of being a member of Amber Does Dallas, a local cast, previously, and I loved performing so much! Both Rocky Horror and Repo are near and dear to my heart, so bringing them to life was fun. I'm no longer on cast now, but I still go to the shows when I get the opportunity and I love to take my friends to them.

Amber Does Dallas Double Feature
Photo by Scully! Stephanie is in the front, she played Shilo and Janet.
I went to the latest Science Fiction Double Feature, where they perform both movies back-to-back in one night, and I had an absolute blast. It was also my dear friend Gypsy's final show, a special occasion since she was one of the cast's founders several years ago. I came to cheer her on, as well as my other cast friends, old and new! Everyone did a wonderful job. I really think that ADD has top-notch show quality!

If you are interested in catching an Amber Does Dallas show, just look at their website here or join their Facebook group for updates. If you're not usually in the Dallas area, check around for a local cast in your area!

Amber Does Dallas Double Feature
Photo by Scully!

Before the show, my hooping friend Scully and I hooped on stage and outside the theater. It was like old times! I just wish I had an LED hoop for some neat nighttime hooping. (We weren't the only ones on stage, I just didn't want to use photos with other people in them, just in case!)

I had a hard time deciding what to wear -- Should I wear a costume? Should I dress up at all? -- but I ended up settling on this black clubwear-type dress from Forever 21. Really, anything is appropriate for an event like this, but for people who love costuming and clothing, any occasion to dress up is welcome!

I also had the opportunity to wear some heels that were calling my name at Buffalo Exchange, but are so out of my normal style that I hadn't worn them yet. I got tons of compliments all night. Hooping in heels was a real challenge, though!

Outfit Details
Dress: Forever 21 | Heels: Buffalo Exchange

Amber Does Dallas Double Feature
Photo by Amanda Rebholz!

Have you ever seen Rocky Horror or REPO! The Genetic Opera? What did you think?

Repo is on Netflix instant -- now is your chance! Rocky Horror shows up there on occasion, too.
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