Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What I Did: Anime Fest 2012

Hey guys! Whew, it's already September and I'm feeling it. September always winds up being the busiest month for me, between school starting, sorority recruitment, and my birthday, which was this past weekend, on the 1st!

To celebrate my birthday and hang out with my friends, I went to A-Fest this past weekend. I love this convention because it's in Dallas, so it's near me, and it always falls on my birthday weekend... which is also Labor Day weekend! The convention is four days, not three, so everything is a little slower and there is less stress. I even managed to go to the gym -- what?!

Friendship is Magic
This is such a good one of both of us!

Now, the coolest part about my birthday is that it isn't just my own. One of my best best friends Peony shares the same birthday as me! So, for our birthday, we decided to cosplay from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! It was so much fun running around as birthday pony princesses, eating mini cupcakes, and taking photos inside rainbows. Peony made both of our costumes because she is some kind of cosplay wizard -- she MADE her corset! We had a mini photoshoot with my camera and a lot of the photos came out really nice!

Friendship is Magic
"See, Twi, friendship really IS magic!"

I also wore Rhyme from The World Ends With You for the first time! I haven't played that game in ages, but I've always wanted to cosplay from it. If you have never played the game, what are you waiting for? It's available on DS or on iOS!

Rhyme is most likely the most comfortable costume I've ever worn. I made the skull pin and the bell necklace myself from clay and that's probably the most involved prop I've ever made for cosplay, despite the rest of the costume looking so simple. I have a lot of improvements I want to make on this costume, but it was definitely fun to wear.

No Reason Without Rhyme
It was great to get some of the Dallas scenery in the shots.
No Reason Without Rhyme
Full body shot.
No Reason Without Rhyme
And a close-up!
I also wore an oldie but a goodie -- Miss Femgineer from Team Fortress 2! I didn't take any photos this convention, but I did get one when I stumbled upon a fellow female engineer. We both ran towards each other! I love con moments like that.

A little Instagram shot of me and my new friend.

Overall, I didn't actually do much at the con because I wanted to focus on my birthday and my friends! I did go to the art auction, where they auction off original art pieces with a nerdy twist. Think watercolors, Copics, and extremely detailed inking. Colby won a piece for my birthday! I can't wait to show it off whenever I do an apartment tour post. I also bid on a little baby Sailor Moon piece, which will probably live in my awesome crafting and cosplay area. Stay tuned!

I had a fabulous Labor Day/birthday weekend! How did you celebrate yours?

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