Thursday, August 23, 2012

What I Did: San Japan Mach V

The last anime convention in Texas till school starts -- San Japan, in San Antonio, Texas! 

I went with a large group of my friends from Nostalg*a Cosplay, as usual, and had a blast. We had a lot more people than usual, including a friend from Michigan and one who has been studying abroad in Japan for the last year, so it was great to see everyone again!

Almost everyone together at the River Walk. All photos by Sean unless otherwise stated!

This was a pretty casual convention for me, since I only really had one costume planned and I borrowed everything from a friend. I went to a few panels (including a Deco panel by Cat of Pirate Kitty Crafts), to the artist alley, did a small photo shoot, and that's pretty much it. 

My friends as Mario and Luigi, Tiger, Apollo and Klavier, and AristoGamer himself.

Colby, however, had a panel for AristoGamer, so I helped him out with that! It was his first panel and I think it went really well. He and Apprentice Casey talked about how to be objective when reviewing video games online and how to be mildly funny. There was a pretty good turnout and I think the audience enjoyed what he had to say.

Partners in crime.

My one costume for the weekend was Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time, made by my good friend Peony and worn by her at A-Kon. She's seriously so good at costumes and sewing! I'm really happy I was able to wear this costume because it was lots of fun to walk around in. The wig is exactly like mermaid hair. (Psst -- I'll be making a series about the costumes I've made, or in this case, worn, so stay tuned for more on LSP!)

Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time
Lost in Lumpy Space!

I did a little mini photoshoot with my friend Mexi of MexicAnime Photography. If you're ever at a Texas convention, contact him for a photoshoot! I've never been very good at modeling but he always makes me feel comfortable and takes great photos. 

As always, it was a good convention for me and I can't wait until next year. The next convention on my list is A-Fest in Dallas -- during my birthday weekend, yay!

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