Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cosplay: Lumpy Space Princess

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This is the first post in a new series I'm starting. I'll be examining each costume I make, how I created it, what I would do differently, and so on! For more cosplay posts, just look in the cosplay tag here.

Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time

This is almost like cheating, since this first costume is not one that I made myself, but instead borrowed from my Birthday Twin, Peony. In fact, the only thing that I'm wearing that is mine is the tiny little button, which says "Lumping Read Already!"

Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time

Lumpy Space Princess, also known as LSP, is one of the fan favorite characters from Adventure Time because of her hilarious teenage slang and attitude. She is also voiced by the creator of Adventure Time, Pendleton Ward, who is decidedly male. His voice really makes the character!

Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time



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I like...

This costume was so comfortable and cute to wear! I loved the swooshy skirt, sparkly space fabric, and fun mermaid wig. It was also nice to have a new costume but not have to make anything, ha! The character herself is tons of fun, because her voice is just so silly. 

I don't like...

The shoes I wore were a little uncomfortable because they were a size too small, but other than that, it was comfortable all day. I also didn't think I was sassy enough in my photos.

Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time

Next time, I'll...

Since this isn't my costume, I won't be making additions or subtractions to it, and I will probably never wear it again. If I ever make a Lumpy Space Princess costume of my own, I have tons of ideas now! I would love to do a version with a leather jacket.

I would also work on improving my sassy faces for pictures! Posing for photos is always challenging for me.


Overall, I loved this costume and had an absolute blast wearing it. It makes me want to do my own version of LSP in the future!

P.S. -- Thank you MexicAnime for the photoshoot!
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